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CCTV & SLR Cameras

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CCTV Cameras attached to Microscopes:
With the LE-Adapter, you can mount your CCTV camera directly to the eyepiece of most any microscope. You can now use your standard monocular or binocular microscope without having to purchase a triocular scope. No expensive relay lens is required.

Using the LE-Adapter to connect your CCTV camera to a monitor is simple, quick and inexpensive in comparison to using the standard method of connecting a CCTV camera to a monitor.

Note: A lens of 25 mm focal length or greater is required on both CCTV and Night Vision Scopes to eliminate vignetting.

SLR cameras:
The LE-Adapter can be used on SLR cameras that have a focal length equal to or longer than 80mm. The camera should be operated in the Aperture preferred mode in the lowest f-stop setting so that the lens won't close down and cause vignetting at higher f-stops settings. Use of high (400) ASA film is suggested.

We highly recommend the use of a tripod when attaching it to a terrestrial scope to a SLR camera.

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