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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the10x label on the side of my camcorder mean?

Its the number of times the object your viewing in the viewfinder can be magnified at full telephoto. The number means the same as it does on a pair of binoculars. Just like 10x binocular will visually bring an object 10 times closer to you. For example: If your camcorder is zoomed to full telephoto, say 10x, the object 100 yards away will appear to your eye as being only 10 yards away. Just divide the distance by the X factor of the camera and that is how close the object will appear visually to you. If you attach a 10x monocular to your 10x camcorder using the LE-Adapter, and view an object 100 yards away, the resulting magnification will be 100x... the object will appear in your video as if you were only 1 yard away.

Can I use the LE-Adapter on my SLR Camera?

Yes, both SLR cameras and most camcorders use standard metric filter adapter threads that will allow you to directly attach the LE-Adapter to your camera lens. Most all Nikon and Canon cameras are equipped with 52mm filter adapter threads. If you camera does not have 52 or 37mm thread, you can purchase inexpensive step-up or step-down rings at most camera stores to adapt from standard filter thread sizes to the LE-Adapter.

Will my SLR auto-focus camera work with the LE-Adapter?

Yes, most SLR cameras work just fine with the LE-Adapter. If problems do occur with auto-focus you can always switch to manual focus. Other considerations when using the LE-Adapter with a SLR camera are: the aperture must be set wide open or it will appear in your photos. Also a high speed ASA film and or a steady tripod should be used with your camera and a high magnification monocular/binocular such as 10X. Another consideration is that vignetting will occur when photographing with a lens less than 80mm.

What if something breaks on the LE-Adapter?

This is highly unlikely but if you do have a problem simply return it for repair at no cost to you except for the shipping.

What if I am not completely satisfied?

Again, highly unlikely. But if for any reason you wish to return it we have a no-hassle 30 day refund policy.

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