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iPhone to Eyepiece Adapter -

Announcement;Micro-Times LLC has recently acquired the newly released Apple iPhone 5S. It has been fully tested and determined that our iPhone / LE-Adapter Sleeve is compatible with the iPhone 5S. This means that iPhone / LE-Adapter Sleeve can now be used with the iPhone 4, the iPhone 4S, the iPhone 5 as well as the recently released Apple iPhone 5S.

The US patented (No 5.053,765) Lens to Eyepiece Adapter system is now compatible with the iPhone 5S and can be attached to the eyepiece of the PVS-14 Night Vision scope, Spotting Scopes, Riflescope's as well as to the eyepiece of Microscopes and Binoculars.

iPhone Binoculars

iPhone LensAdapter

iPhone Spotting Scope
Spotting Scopes
Military optics
Military optics
iPhone Telescope

iPhone LE-Adapter Sleeve - -

The iPhone LE-Adapter Sleeve provides a means to attach the camera lens of the iPhone to the eyepiece of a Telescope, Spotting Scope, Binocular or a Monocular. The Sleeve also allows other 30.5mm lens accessories such as Polarizing filters, Neutral Density filters and Fisheye lenses to be attached to the iPhone 4 and 4S camera.

How does it work? MORE

The iPhone lens is aligned with the lens opening in the Sleeve and the iPhone is slipped into the LE-Adapter Sleeve. The LE-Adapter as well as other 30.5mm lens accessories can also be threaded onto the 30.5 iPhone-LE Adapter sleeve.

Attaching the LE-Adapter to an Eyepiece MORE

Simply thread the LE-Adapter into the 30.5mm Sleeve, set the three sizing screws to the approximate diameter of the eyepiece. Fully insert the eyepiece into the LE-Adapter and firmly tighten the sizing screws to secure the eyepiece in the LE-Adapter.

Adding 30.5mm Accessories MORE

Thread on most 30.5mm filter lens accessories or add a stepup ring, to GREATLY enhance the capabilities of the iPhone.


Original LE Adapter


Spotting Scope

Filters and Accessories


A great deal of time, effort, ingenuity have been devoted to the creation of our universal adapters. In fact, this product is protected by U.S. Patent No 5,053,794. We assume that our patent rights will be respected and, to that end, we will vigorously enforce our rights against all infringers.

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